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Welcome to Life Community Church

Life Community's mandate is to be a caring church that builds healthy families and nurtures emerging leaders. It all begins with God. We believe He is the creator of all; that He is unlimited and unchanging, and that He needs nothing. And yet in needing nothing, He chooses us. Personally and individually, He seeks out his creation, yes, you and me. In His pursuit of us, He shows himself compassionate and merciful. Our view of His love and mercy is clouded by our broken world – a result of our choices, not His. But, even in the midst of our failed choices, He chooses to redeem us. The sum of which is unconditional and unrelenting LOVE.

We are an innovative and creative church; embracing a healthy balance of contemporary and traditional worship, remaining true to and never straying from the truth of God’s word.

We are carriers of the flame, we love and are committed to our community and we aim to reach and care for the lost and broken with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries


Children's Ministry

The purpose of the KIC (Kids In Christ) ministry is to know Jesus and make him known. Children will be taught and will experience the Word of God in a very practical and relevant ways.



Youth Ministry

SURGE (Spirit Uprising Reigning and Galvanizing Evangelism) is the name given to the youth ministry at Life Com Church. The target age is youth 13-19. We also target young adults age 20-29, who we call Purpose Driven Ambassadors.


Women Of Destiny

Women's Ministry

This ministry serves to bridge the gap between the seasoned and the younger generation. We are committed to supporting and mentoring disciples of Christ.



Men's Ministry

The mission of the men's ministry is to bring valuable resources to men in order to strengthen them to be all they can be.